Where Analytics
meets Accessibility

Allied Accessibility’s ALLi is a tool that identifies accessibility issues based on behavioral analytics.

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A screenshot of the weekly site report showing severity counts, a concern task list, and visit counts
ALLi's got you covered
ALLi observes site usage, analyzes journeys, and alerts you of accessibility issues. You can rest easy knowing your site works for everyone
Watch Interactions
Our monitor observes site usage to learn how people interact with your page
Analyze and Alert
Journey based analysis reveals the inaccessible areas across your site. Configurable alerts let you know when there's an issue
Find and Fix
Reports with clear insights show you problem areas. Tooling and streamlined audits are available to assist
Discover functional barriers
A window into accessibility
ALLi combines data from user journeys, assistive technology visits, and AI simulation to shine a light on your accessibility risks
One of a kind usage data
Digestible list of concerns
Prioritized Insights
Configurable Notifications
A site report showing numbers about assistive technology counts, severities, concerns in a task list, and overtime line graphs
Pinpoint the problem areas
The interactive user journeys allow you to filter and query to find the places where dynamic functionality becomes inaccessible
Find the drop-off points
Filter and Query interaction paths
See the most common journeys
Streamlined audits
An interactive chart showing user journeys with controls for filtering and querying
Clarity on disparity
Simple charts and graphs clearly show where assistive technology usage diverges
Issue tracking
Proportional comparison
Interaction data
Customizable Labels
Mirrored proportional pie and bar charts comparing assistive technology usage to non AT usage
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